I Have Your Touch (feat. Maryann Smith) – Single
12 Feb 2014 | Adult Contemporary

Fairchild Brothers

Fairchild Brothers
Toronto, Canada
Alternative Rock



Fairchild Brothers are a Canadian-based Alternative Rock band known for their acoustic and melodic sound, and their infectious harmonies, consisting of four brothers, Jeff, Phill, Donny and David Smith. The four brothers come from a large family where music and singing was always at the forefront in their home and where each brother, Jeff (lead vocals/guitar), Phill (percussion/vocals), Donny (guitar/vocals) and David (bass/vocals) built on this foundation to develop and pursue their musical dream.

In 2009, the band, known as Fairchild Brothers, wasted no time in making an impact on Canadian radio with their very first single, “Dare To Believe”. Their debut album, Dare To Believe, proved to be a huge step forward for the band as these four independently strong songwriters made serious believers of domestic radio, charting on MaxTrax Rock and Galaxie Rock, then on Top 40 (CHR) and Hot AC formats. Their follow-up single, “I’ll Take You,” also fared equally well with their fans.

Since 2009 Fairchild Brothers has had the honour of sharing the stage with many other successful Canadian artists such as Marianas Trench, Finger 11 and The Midway State to name a few, where the bands reputation, as a genuinely exciting live act, was truly confirmed.

Throughout their career, Fairchild Brothers performed live at various venues all across Ontario, as well as playing in hundred’s of Ontario schools during their anti-bullying campaign. “Since 2010, the band has focused on touring and building a fan base”, says Phill, “we also concentrated on building and creating an awareness for a charity called Blue Veil/Sara Elizabeth Centre, that provides art-based programs to individuals with developmental and/or physical challenges and which was named in honor of our baby sister who passed away at a young age with special needs”.

Although, Fairchild Brothers are justifiably proud of their musical achievements on their Dare To Believe album, they are even more excited and confident about the new material they have been working on, as this highlights their growth as songwriters.

This new sound, and hybrid style reflects the diverse yet compatible tastes and influences the four brothers have combined together. “Now I feel we are really discovering the Fairchild Brothers sound” says Jeff “. Confident in their new material, the band set out to produce their first music video, featuring yet another Smith sibling, their sister MaryAnn. In February 2013, the official music video for the bands new single, “I Have Your Touch” was released. Then, just one month after their release, Fairchild Brothers competed with more than 9,000 entries from talented songwriter’s world-wide to win first place in the Country category of the “2013 Unsigned Only Global Songwriting Competition”, where they received international acclaim for their compelling and uplifting single, “I Have Your Touch”. In December 2013, “I Have Your Touch” received “Runner Up” placement for achieving extremely high scores in the “2013 Song of the Year Songwriters Competition”. “Music will always be an expression of who I am, but I’m not going to lie, it does feel good to be acknowledged and validated for it, every once and awhile” says Jeff. And while Phill explains “it was an honour to receive this award”, he also states that, “As a band we’re always trying to bring the listeners in and really create an atmosphere for them in our songs and I really feel we accomplished that with “I Have Your Touch”.

Fairchild Brothers are dedicated in making their music accessible to their fans and are constantly creating songs that provide an atmosphere for their listeners to escape to. Their songs may feature lyrical introspection, but they are presented with full-blooded passionate energy.

The band has never been stronger as they all continue to collaborate in writing music. United in their love for music, the sky really is the limit for the Fairchild Brothers and only time will tell where these four brothers end up, but one thing is certain, with their talent, determination, and family bond, “Dare To Believe” is much more then the title of their debut album and entry into this industry, it’s the motto they live by.